Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sun Volt

Sun Volt- Brad Rice (guitar), Dave Bryson(drums), Jay Farrar (vocals, guitar) and Andrew Duplantis (bass) -- Photo by Beth Forester
"Find strength from the words Of those that went before Take what you need But leave even more" -- Son Volt, "World Waits for You"
Long being a fan of the alternative country movement, I was excited to see that several alt-country acts were included in this year's Bonnaroo line-up. One such act was Sun Volt led by frontman Jay Farrar. Farrar was co-founder with Jeff Tweedy of the alt-country pioneering band Uncle Tupelo. Formed in 1987, the band ultimately broke up in 1994, when Farrar left unexpectedly over what some suggest to be creative differences . Tweedy went on to form the band Wilco, while Farrar founded Son Volt. Let me just say that Farrar lived up to the legacy he's created and did not disappoint this fan. Keep up the inspiration!!
By Beth Forester

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