Friday, March 30, 2007

New Jewelry Designs!!

I am very excited to announce our new line of photographic jewelry from K. Cooper Jewelry Designs. Each piece is custom designed with your photographs. Some of the various pieces they offer are: necklaces, rings, watches, Italian charm bracelets, bangle bracelets, pocket knives, money clips, and earrings. Our samples should be in the studio in few weeks . . . either stop in a see what all we have to offer or you can view all of the designs by clicking here.

Friday, March 23, 2007


This week, I was working on an order for Gary and Stacy Bowen from their son, Max’s one-year portrait session. I found them so cute that I had to share them!!

But first, I would like to give a little bit of background about Max and his family and my relationship with them. I first met Gary (aka Spanky) when he came into the studio to see about my photographing he and Stacy’s wedding. Months later, I spent a day with them photographing their wedding at the Deer Park Inn in Buckhannon, WV. Although it rained on their outdoor wedding a few adjustments were made and the day turned out glorious. As did the pictures!!!

So, when Gary and Stacy had Max, they called the studio and set up with our Baby Collection program in order to capture Max as he changes throughout his first year of life. Well, let me just say, Max is such a treasure and all of his sessions were so fun and exciting. He enjoyed it so much and I was able to get some really creative shots at each of the three sessions.
And, now Gary and Stacy are expecting their second child, a girl, in June!! So I am looking forward to sharing in their memories of her first year as well. In fact, today I photographed a maternity session for the Bowens, where I got my first glimpse of baby Bella (well, sort of) for the first time.

Let me just say, it’s been such a joy in sharing with Gary and Stacy’s life by creating lasting images for their family to enjoy throughout their lives!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Santa Monica

Well, my seminar went extremely well. I had nearly lost my voice by the end of the day, but the group was awesome and really interested in all that I had to say about senior portrait photography.
After the program well travelled down the coast to Santa Monica where we were staying for the next two nights at the Georgian Hotel. For all those movie buffs out there, several scenes from "Get Shorty" were filmed in this hotel. The hotel is located on the coast and situated two blocks from the Santa Monica Pier and two blocks from the Third Street Pavilion, which is the site of countless shops and restaurants.

We drove down the coast a couple of miles to take in the sights of the famed Venice Beach area. Walking down the boardwalk, our eyes were captivated by all of the colorful and eccentric street performers, craftsmen selling their wares, and simply the un-common folk walking, skating, dancing down the street. I had always heard about what you might see at Venice Beach and it's all true. We loved it!! Also at Venice Beach there a numerous courts for basketball, handball, shuffleboard and paddle tennis. You can also stop at the Muscle Beach area to watch the bodybuilders "pump iron" in an outdoor gym filled with various weight-lifting machines and barbells.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


While sightseeing in Beverly Hills, we stumbled upon this little storefront on Santa Monica Blvd. with people standing in line out the door. Curious as always, I had to get a closer look to see what all the "hubbub" was about. The store was Sprinkles and they were selling the most enticing cupcakes I've ever seen. We walked on down the street but I couldn't stop thinking about those cupcakes!!! So, we returned and I purchased 2 cupcakes at $3.25 per; the flavors I picked were peanut butter with chocolate and a cinnamon swirl something or another. DELICIOUS!!!!!! The best I've ever had!!! Yes, even better than the ones in Greenwich Village NYC at the Magnolia Bakery.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Farmer's Market LA

Got up this morning and went to the Farmer's Market on the corner of Third Street and Fairfax in Los Angeles. What a colorful sight to see. There were countless stands which served foods from around the world: Greek, Italian, French, Korean and on and on. Many also featured open kitchens whereby customers could watch the food being cut and prepared. Everything was so enticing but we eventually settled on DuPar's Restaurant which is famous for their breakfast pancakes since 1938. We wanted to take in a little history and share in the nostalgia of this American tradition.

After that we went down to check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Grauman's Chinese Theater. The street was bustling and there were tons of peple dressed up as famous film stars and characters performing on the street. I stopped and chatted with Darth Vader for a moment and eventually had my photo taken with him. If you're interested in reading some interesting facts about the Hollywood Walk of Fame check out Wikipedia and learn about it's history, maintenece and trivia.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Well, I am about on my way to California to speak to the Channel Islands Professional Photographers Organization. I am very excited about the trip. Pat and I are taking a few extra days for ourselves to sightsee etc. in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We are staying 2 nights on the coast and 2 nights in the Safari Inn. For all of those movie buffs out there the Safari Inn has been featured in several movies including one of my favorites, "True Romance." It should be interesting to see in person. I will try to post a few photos next week.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mid-East States!!

Just returned from the Mid-East States Convention and Regional Competition where for the second year in a row I won Mid-East Photographer of the Year. Moreover, I was fortunate enough to have a print score a perfect 100!! It was, to say the least, a very exciting moment in my career!! Here is the image titled "Coal Miner" and featuring Cassett Bias of Madison, WV.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Well, over the weekend I finally got to see the academy award-winning "Babel." I was a little leery, having read all of the poor reviews. I always enjoy movies that have several plots, which are ultimately woven together, but director Inarritu takes this story (or shall I say 4 stories) to a much deeper level. These stories reach far beyond each other and into the human soul. The theme of the movie is miscommunication, but this movie, for me, does anything but. “Babel” communicates with the viewer not in a whisper, but in a scream. In watching this movie, I was able to feel the anguish of these characters in my gut. Let's just say, that when a director makes your stomach ache with pain for these poor souls and, when not only can you understand their plight, but actually feel their anguish . . . well, he has done his job well. I honestly can't remember the last time a movie struck such emotion and feeling in me.

The performance is all aboout her eyes and her ability to allow you to feel her suffering. --Inarritu