Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bonnaroo Vibes

Spend a day among the crowd at Bonnaroo and you will hear the word vibe uttered at least one hundred times. There's clean vibes, good vibes, funky vibes, artistic vibes and most importantly music vibes. The music vibes produced in this venue are so vast that it satisfies any type of music fan. The festival hosts more styles of music than most persons could even imagine: blues, funk, alt-country, reggae, Jewish rap, techno, folk, jazz, indie, world, punk, good ole rock-n-roll and let us not forget jam band music. Bonnaroo co-founder Jonathan Mayers said it best when he stated," . . . that's what we want the festival to be-something that doesn't fit into any one box." Well, in my opinion they have succeeded. I'm definitely enjoying all the Bonnaroo vibes!!! by Beth Forester Beck puts forth various vibes with his eclectic set - photo by Beth Forester

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