Saturday, January 30, 2010

WV Senior Portraits -- You can "Make a Difference"

Each year we give away a full senior package to one deserving senior. When we say full senior package, we mean everything…. from session fees, to prints, wallets, 911 cards, graduation announcements….over $1,800 worth of services and products to be exact. So, here’s where you come in…

We want you to nominate a 2010 senior who you feel is a deserving candidate for the senor portrait experience of a lifetime. We just want you to tell us why this senior is deserving and why they should be chosen as this year’s “Make a Difference” winner.

Maybe you can make a difference in a senior’s life by nominating someone who simply can’t afford senior portraits but who works tirelessly to help their family make ends meet. Maybe it’s someone who’s recently experienced a tragedy or someone who’s faced hardships throughout their life. Maybe it’s a senior who makes a difference in their community by selflessly donating their time and energy to worthy causes.

I’m sure you know someone; you just need to let me know who it is.

So, here are the rules:
You cannot nominate yourself.
The nominee must reside in West Virginia and be a senior who is graduating in 2010.
I need the truth and nothing but the truth!
And I want the whole story.

The deadline for submission is March 1, 2010.

Oh, and the best part? The person who nominates the winner receives a $300 studio credit. What better reason to make a difference in someone’s life?!

Please e-mail me directly at and include the following:

1. Your name and contact information 2. The name and contact information for your nominee 3. Their story and why they should be chosen as the “Make a Difference” winner.

Hopefully together we can Make a Difference!

Forester Photography Senior Portraits of the Week--Alyssa Caldwell

Alyssa chose the Storybook session so I got to spend 2 fun-filled days with Alyssa, her mother and yorkie, Mitzi. I go the biggest kick out of Mitzi, she had almost as many outfits for the session as Alyssa....and they were all so cute....especially the one with the boots. Gosh, I wish I had that one on video! lol! We had a great time and Alyssa's pics turned oot AWESOME!! I can't wait to design her storybook!

School: George Washington High School
Session: Storybook
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite Band: Anything country
Favorite movie: PS I Love You
Favorite TV show: Soap Operas
Hobbies: Shopping, Doing make-up and nails
Lucky Number: 16
Favorite website: myspace
Pets: Teacup Yorkie, Mitzi and Labrador, Luke
Two words that describe me: Fun Diva

Friday, January 22, 2010

Beth is featured on the Image Quix Blog

Recently, I was interviewed by one of my favorite people in the photography industry, Shauna Harris. Shauna who used to work for WPPI, recently moved to the east coast and started working for Image Quix. Anyway she asked me to participate in a Q&A and you can read it on the Image Quix blog. Thanks Shauna!