Monday, June 19, 2006

Radiohead in rare form at Bonnaroo

The buzz around the press tent centered around the word from Radiohead as to whether or not we (the press photographers) would be allowed to shoot the night's events. Ultimately, we were given the go ahead with numerous stipulations. In fact, one photographer who wasn't following "the rules" was apprehended by Radiohead personnel and escorted out of the venue with a stern hand. Thom Yorke of Radiohead - photo by Beth Forester The mood for the concert was electric. I spoke to a few fans at the rail who stated they had arrived at the main stage early that morning to secure a spot up front for the night's concert. Without any food all day, they were jumping out of their skin with anticipation as the hour approached for Radiohead's appearance. The photographers in the pit were excited as well. Most of the persons I had met in the press area have spent their lives following concerts, festivals and bands. Since Radiohead makes very few appearances in the states, they were ecstatic at the opportunity to shoot the elusive band. When the band appeared on stage, the crowd of probably 75,000 roared with excitement. It had been three years since their last appearance in the U.S. Even so, on this tour abroad there are only eight scheduled appearances in the U.S., with the Bonnaroo venue being the largest and the only festival played this tour. Radiohead delighted the Bonnaroo fans with its innovative original sound and surprisingly mellow set. The night air was filled with mystical moods and atmospheric sound while thousands of onlookers danced with delight. by Beth Forester

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