Sunday, August 19, 2007

The White Stripes

Recently, I read an article in Paste Magazine about The White Stripes. I found something Jack White said in the article to be quite interesting and poignant. He stated this in response to a question about people and journalists suggesting that he and Meg had sold out.
"I’ve never understood it. I’ve always thought it was strange what happened with the underground and punk publications that really championed us when we were in our early days making seven inches. It just seemed like as soon as two other people heard of us they could care less. It’s ridiculous to champion underdogs and once they succeed to abandon them. That’s a whole lot different than building them up and knocking them down. There’s this abandonment that happens.

Where’s your sense of longevity with the things you love? If you abandon a band as soon as other people like them, then you don’t love it for the right reasons. You like music for identity. You have an identity problem. [laughs] That’s not loving music. Loving art for its own sake means you don’t care what people think—which is exactly what they’re supposedly standing for. Somebody explain that. I don’t get it, man."

Anyway, if you've never read Paste Magazine go pick one up. It's an awesome magazine whose tag line is "looking for signs of life in music, movies and culture."

Here is a photo I shot of The White Stripes at this year's Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. Rock on Jack and Meg!!!

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