Wednesday, August 29, 2007

photoDUD freebie

I am posting an image of a photoDUDs template which is going to be added to the freebie area of the DUDS' site. So many photographers were asking about testing the product for ease and compatibility, that we decided to offer a "free" wallet size template. Why so small you might ask? We wanted to keep the file size small for quicker downloads. It's really just designed as a demo test file. So, go to the photoDUDS site and give it a whirl!!
I think it turned out pretty cute. I must give a shout out to the senior appearing in the template . . . it's Allison Hainer who attends Man High School and her photos turned out awesome!!

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pinkfreak said...

I read about your downloadable in the August issue of RangeFinder; however, the website seems to be down. I tried the link from your blog too. I would love to check out the 'tatooing' but cannot access it.