Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Believe it or not I am on vacation . . . well, not really. It's very hard to explain. I am on a Home Vacation . . . for those of you are wondering "is she crazy and what exactly is a Home Vacation?" I guess it's not really a vacation since I plan to work all week trying to get caught up on all of my orders, proofs and work in general. I am continually working 12-14 hours a day trying to keep up with everything. However, it is my hope that this week I can get caught up enough to relax and maybe take a short breath. (This is better and less expensive than the trip we had planned to Los Cabos, Mexico, right?) Believe it or not I am a little more relaxed than usual, so maybe it's working a little. As you can see, I did have time to post today so that's improvement!!

I am posting a photo album layout I designed for GP Albums today. They requested I submit some album designs for their upcoming catalog and re-designed website. The images were shot of Katherine earlier this year during the ever-popular Boone County Coal Festival.

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