Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!

Well, it's a little late . . . but here is our Christmas card. I have been so busy: first finishing everyone's portraits for Christmas and then editing images and proofing 16 hours a day. 5,000 images and 1,0000 previews later and . . . . I am now in the airport on my way to Las Vegas for the SPA (senior portrait artists) convention. Then, I am off to Phoenix and Imaging USA where I will be receiving the AN-NE award. Also, I will be exhibiting in the photoDUDS booth. I'm still kinda addled but hopefully will calm down in a bout an hour or so. . . I hope all of my necessities made it into my suitcase. . . if so it would be the first time EVER!! I'm out . . . the plane is here.

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