Monday, March 05, 2007


Well, over the weekend I finally got to see the academy award-winning "Babel." I was a little leery, having read all of the poor reviews. I always enjoy movies that have several plots, which are ultimately woven together, but director Inarritu takes this story (or shall I say 4 stories) to a much deeper level. These stories reach far beyond each other and into the human soul. The theme of the movie is miscommunication, but this movie, for me, does anything but. “Babel” communicates with the viewer not in a whisper, but in a scream. In watching this movie, I was able to feel the anguish of these characters in my gut. Let's just say, that when a director makes your stomach ache with pain for these poor souls and, when not only can you understand their plight, but actually feel their anguish . . . well, he has done his job well. I honestly can't remember the last time a movie struck such emotion and feeling in me.

The performance is all aboout her eyes and her ability to allow you to feel her suffering. --Inarritu

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