Monday, May 30, 2011

Brooke & Peter WV Engagement Portraits

True Love

Wow we had such a great time during this engagement session! I've known Brooke and Peter for many years now...I shot both of them for the senior portrait sessions. I'm not sure exactly how many years ago that was (I'm trying to forget cause that just makes me older and older when I think about it, lol) Anyway, safe to say that they have been dating for quite a while. It is always such fun to share in people's lives as they move from one important event to the next. It makes me so honored and happy to get take part in such important moments in the lives of such special people. So, I wanted to share some of the images we created together. Enjoy and congrats Peter and Brooke!

Summer Love

Sunflare Engagement


Garden Love

Vintage Engagement


mcolemanphoto said...

I love this set sooooo much!

janna said...

Wow Beth.. these are great!

janna said...

Wow...these are great!!