Saturday, January 30, 2010

Forester Photography Senior Portraits of the Week--Alyssa Caldwell

Alyssa chose the Storybook session so I got to spend 2 fun-filled days with Alyssa, her mother and yorkie, Mitzi. I go the biggest kick out of Mitzi, she had almost as many outfits for the session as Alyssa....and they were all so cute....especially the one with the boots. Gosh, I wish I had that one on video! lol! We had a great time and Alyssa's pics turned oot AWESOME!! I can't wait to design her storybook!

School: George Washington High School
Session: Storybook
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite Band: Anything country
Favorite movie: PS I Love You
Favorite TV show: Soap Operas
Hobbies: Shopping, Doing make-up and nails
Lucky Number: 16
Favorite website: myspace
Pets: Teacup Yorkie, Mitzi and Labrador, Luke
Two words that describe me: Fun Diva

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Celesa Felix said...

This has got to be the cutest set of Senior pictures I have seen. What great ideas. I love them. :)