Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Beth Forester Photography Senior Photos of the Week--Hannah Goodman

Not a lot of time to post so this will be quick...I am working like a mad person trying to get all the order, proofs, cards etc. done before Christmas...it's about to put me in the hospital! Anyway, this weeks senior of the week is Hannah Goodman... she was so easy to shoot and we had a great time at both of her sessions. Enjoy!

Hannah Goodman
School: Man High School
Session: Storybook Session
Favorite color: pink and orange
Favorite Band: Theory of a Deadman
Favorite movie: The Hangover
Favorite TV show: Secret Life of an American Teenager
Lucky Number: 2
Favorite website: Myspace
Pets: my dog, Toby
Best word to describe me: friendly and caring

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Carolyn Wagner said...

Hannah, David and I enjoyed seeing your wonderful senior portraits...can't believe you are already a senior! You have grown up from being a pretty little girl visiting us at Fekete's, to a beautiful young lady!!