Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Senior of the week--Shane Porter

I wanted to post an image of a new gallery we are offering this year for seniors...so I thought it fitting to do so for a senior of the week. Shane and his family have been looking forward to his senior portraits for many years... When I speak at my seminars I always tell the story of how Shane's mother called to book his appointment for his senior portraits when he was a freshman....now, we DO book for seniors way in advance... but that is the earliest I have ever had anyone call for their session. You gotta love it!! I love a senior that is that excited about their senior session....And, I have to say I did feel a lot of pressure that day, knowing how important it was to Shane and his family. As you can see, it was a great day and the pictures turned out awesome!

Name: Shane Porter
Session: Designer Art
School: Logan High School
Favorite colors: Green and Blue
Favorite Band: Daughtry
Favorite Movie: Observe and Report
Favorite TV Show: Family Guy, King of the Hill
Hobbies: Hunting and Fishing
Lucky Number: 11
Favorite website: myspace
Pets: Dog, Cat and and Eel
Two words the describe you: Laid back and funny


Jo said...

good luck with your studio
you obviously have talent

Beth Forester said...


Beth Forester said...

Shane's Mom brought us the most fabulous doughnuts from the Nu-Era Bakery...I love her! Thanks Shanna