Monday, May 12, 2008

Dream Light

Wow! I just got a new toy and it is AWESOME!! I purchased it some months ago for next year's senior sessions and I just now got around to getting it put together and working. It's called a Dream Light and although it is quite ugly in appearance, it produces some unbelievable effects. I tried it out on Saturday with Katherine in her Prom dress and I was so excited with the results! If there are any seniors from this year who would like to have a Prom dress session with this amazing light, call at the studio and tell them you want a Dream Light session.


Dixie said...

Oh My Gosh Beth! I love it! Tell me where to get one for my seniors way down here in Texas!
I just love Photo Duds and love your work! You are awesome!
Hugs and have a great day!

DavidA said...

Hi Beth
you do amazing things with your photographing seniors.
Tell us more about the "dream Light"?
Been googling but haven't come up with anything except a "shower head" for hydrotherapy!!!

Natalie said...

Beth - your daughter is beautiful! Thanks for all you do..You are great!
Natalie, Kenny and Kenlie Zigmond

Picture Perfect Photography said...

can you give a link of where you bought the dreamlight... I would love to have that. It looks great. I also love photoduds. I found it buy reading rangefinder.. I look forward to buying somethings.

Picture Perfect Photography said...

Ilove the dreamlight! can you tell where you bought it?.. And love photoduds, it is my new favorite thing!